Luke Stanaway

Registered Nutritionist

Healthy Shopping: 3 Simple Steps To Stick To Your Goals  

Healthy Shopping: 3 Simple Steps To Stick To Your Goals  

Healthy Shopping: 3 Simple Steps To Stick To Your Goals  

Key Takeways

  • Don't go grocery shopping on an empty stomach to avoid buying extra sweets and unhealthy food.

  • Keep a shopping list on hand to reduce the amount of junk food bought and save time and money.

  • Stick to the outer ring of supermarkets, where essential food items like fruits, vegetables, meats, and dairy products are found.

  • The inner aisles of supermarkets contain processed and packaged junk food.

  • Making healthier food choices while shopping can make your home a safe haven for your health and fitness goals.

Why is healthy shopping important for your fat loss and muscle-building goals? Making your home a safe haven from unhealthy foods is one of the best ways to stick to your meal plan and avoid pigging out or eating junk food. Let's face it: if you have a massive chocolate craving, it's pretty difficult to indulge if you don't have any chocolate in the house. This is where healthy shopping comes in. 

Because most people are preoccupied with managing their jobs and family lives, they are likely to go grocery shopping only once a week, if at all. So that one hour or so a week will dictate all of the food you have to eat. Now, if you shop healthier and make better food choices, you will have less "junk" food to consume during that time period. So, here are three steps to making better food choices while shopping: 

  1. Don't go shopping on an empty stomach. 

You're asking for trouble if you shop on an empty stomach. When you are hungry, you are far more likely to buy extra sweets and food that you do not require. Instead, eat a good meal before going to the grocery store. 

  1. Always keep a shopping list on hand. 

If you make a list of the foods you require, you will be less likely to buy unnecessary foods. Not only will this help you reduce the amount of junk food you buy, but it will also save you money and time. 

  1. Stick to the outer ring of supermarkets. 

If you haven't noticed, all of the foods on the store's perimeter are essentials, which include meats, eggs, fruits and vegetables, bread, dairy products, and frozen foods. These are the healthier food options and the staples for nutritious meals. While the inner aisle contains more processed, packaged sweets and snacks, which are classified as junk food. (Obviously, there are some exceptions). 

So there you have it, my three tips for healthier food choices to keep your house a safe haven set to maximise and help you progress forwards with your health and fitness goals.